Cretona understand Owners and Residents and we cater to both

Once you find the perfect new home, let Cretona take over

We can reduce application and move-in costs for new residents by eliminating fees. Also, new tenants can qualify for security deposit alternatives, discounted renters' insurance and other benefits. Save time and money and put it where it matters most.

We know what property owners and managers need

Cretona will cut your costs by providing free credit reports for your applicants. Our website is a fully featured application workflow and online payment portal. Additionally we will report your residents' monthly rental payments to the credit bureaus to ensure prompt payments.

The future with Cretona looks bright

By giving residents the ability to pay online with NO FEES and report their payment history to the credit bureaus, they can build a solid financial future.

Big Data means strong analytics and responsibility

We provide the most current and precise information for key metrics in the rental industry while maintaining the highest standard of privacy and security.